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With a decade of professional experience in flywheel training, we offer online and offline courses on all levels for leading coaches and athletes, physiotherapists and fitness enthusiasts worldwide. Our Online Academy offers certification courses ranging from Level I up and through to Level II. The certification courses (Level I-III) are a combination of theory, practical exercises, advanced methods, and more. Read more about our full education offering on the link below:

"A must to become a flywheel training expert"

Marcus Hirschbiel, PT and S&C coach, Austria

The scientific background of flywheel training and the different possibilities to work with the kBox gave me a lot of input and new knowledge for the training with athletes and patients. An Exxentric course is an absolute must to become a flywheel training expert!

"Showed where exactly flywheel training can fit in"

Nicholas Karavolos, Owner Ignite Fitness, Chicago

The Exxentric education staff presented all the research in an unbiased way and showed where exactly flywheel training can fit in and where it excels in comparison to traditional weights. I would highly recommend an Exxentric course to anyone that is looking for the most cutting edge education on flywheel training.

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