How do you program your own or your clients training with flywheels?

With +20 years background in the coaching industry, I will, in this course, provide you with a foundation on how to program for athletic strength in general. I will also touch base on Movement Based Training (MBT) and consideration for different strength qualities development. I will also share my idea on how to structure a program using flywheels with workout examples. Good luck with your training and learning! /Coach K


The course consists of 5 sections:

  • 1


    • Welcome to the course "Programming for Athletic Strength"

  • 2

    1st section: Constraints with outdoor/ home training

    • Background & common problems

    • Resistance profile & strength curve

    • Benefits of flywheel training

  • 3

    2nd section: Movement based training (MBT)

    • Movements over muscles

  • 4

    3rd section: Becoming Athletic

    • Becoming athletic & strength qualities

  • 5

    4th section: Exercises & Programming

    • Program flow

    • Exercises and examples

    • Program design made easy

    • How to structure your program

    • Exercise variations

  • 6

    5th section: thank you and where to learn more!

    • Train hard, train smart and be consistent

  • 7

    Program PDF: Download



What you need to enroll in the course

The course is 100% online and presented with slides in a lecture format, you will also get access to PDF templates to create your own programs

  • Equipment mentioned in the course - but not limited to - is kBox & kPulley

  • The lectures need to be completed by 100% in order to unlock and download the PDF

  • The course can be watched on mobile and desktop from anywhere in the world, and is provided in English

  • The course is valid for 1 year from purchase date

Get to know the coach

Born and raised in Hong Kong where I today run an Athletic centre as Performance Director. My philosophy is to guide my student with an innovative approach and practical application of coaching from a science perspective. Check out my Instagram profile for a glimpse of my daily work!

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