Course Description

MD, BSc Sports, Exxentric CEO

Fredrik Correa

Fredrik Correa holds a BSc in Sports, is a specialist doctor and co-founder of Exxentric. He has worked as an ice hockey coach for 15 years besides working in gyms and practicing multiple sports himself including ice hockey, track and field and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Today he is a competitive powerlifter.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Intro, questions and presentation

    • Intro to webinar

    • Questions covered

    • Fredrik Correa - Presentation

  • 2

    What is the difference between a flywheel device and a cable machine?

    • Unique characteristics and benefits

    • Practical demonstration of a flywheel device and flywheel training

    • Built-in feedback system - kMeter II

    • Eccentric overload possibilities with a flywheel device

    • Summary of the differences between a flywheel device and a cable machine

  • 3

    What does 'concentric and eccentric phases' mean?

    • Flywheel training as a tool to target dynamic and isometric actions

  • 4

    Is flywheel training for beginners or advanced training?

    • Depends on your application and the purpose of your training

    • Flywheel training is for everyone

  • 5

    Why have I never heard about flywheel training before?

    • Flywheel training is gaining popularity among all fields of training

  • 6

    Is it true that the harder you pull, the harder it will pull back?

    • Yes, and the answer lays in the variable resistance

  • 7

    What is the importance of eccentric overload training?

    • Important for building strength

    • Demonstrating and discussing eccentric overload applications

  • 8

    What would be equivalent to 135 lbs (62 kg) on a barbell?

    • The flywheel workout training zone chart is an easy way to find a good load, instead of picking a weight

    • Flywheel workout zone chart

  • 9

    I’m having back problems, can the kBox help me?

    • Demonstrating a few tips and tricks to work around upper body injuries

  • 10


    • Slides