Your kPulley flywheel training starts here

A full guide with unpacking, assembling, getting started and exercises for your kPulley2 and kPulley Go flywheel devices, all delivered in video format and presented by Exxentric CEO, Fredrik Correa

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Unpacking and mounting

    • kPulley2 unpacking and assembling

    • kPulley2 info

    • kPulley Go unpacking and assembling

    • kPulley Go Info

    • kPulley2/Go Beam Mounting: L/XL

  • 2


    • Manuals

    • kPGo Removable Pin PDF [update Jan 2023]

  • 3


    • Set up the kPulley2 for training

  • 4

    kPulley Go

    • Set up the kPulley Go for training

    • kPulley Go Removable Pin [UPDATE JAN 2023]

    • kPulley Go Removable Pin example video

  • 5


    • Single-Turn Buckle walk-through

    • Rotational sling rotation

    • Seated single arm lateral pull down

    • Single arm chest press

    • Single arm kneeling row

    • Single arm lateral side raise

    • Standing bird-dog row

    • Side plank row

    • Reverse lunge row

    • Plank row

    • Hip extension

    • Hip flexion

    • Prone leg curl

  • 6

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