Just started with your flywheel training

or want to get a better understanding before you do?

The "Getting Started With Your kBox Flywheel Training" covers the unboxing experience, provides a walk-through of the basic settings for your kBox and how to start using your equipment to begin explore flywheel training.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Intro and background

    • Introduction to the Getting Started course

  • 2

    Unboxing your kBox4

    • Unboxing your kBox4

  • 3

    First training session on the kBox4

    • Part 1: harness size, position and spotting

    • Part 2: how to stop an exercise

    • Part 3: disconnect and drive belt movement

    • Part 4: set up the kBox for training

    • Step 5: setting the right range-of-motion

  • 4

    Using the kMeter training feedback app

    • Using the kMeter app in practice

  • 5

    Tips and tricks to keep your kBox as new

    • 4 tips for your kBox training

  • 6

    kBox4 Exercises

    • Exercise library

  • 7

    Last but not least

    • Thank you for watching!

    • Contact, warranty registration and course offering

  • 8


    • Manuals

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