Course Description

The course will cover the fundamentals of iso-inertial training, theoretically and practically. After completion of the Flywheel User Course Level I, you will understand the benefits of flywheel training and to be able to use flywheel training safely and efficiently. A course certificate is provided after completion of the final test.

The Flywheel User Level I online course is approx 2h theory followed by 2h practical if you follow the practical segments in the course.

MD, BSc Sports, Exxentric CEO

Fredrik Correa

Fredrik Correa holds a BSc in Sports, is a specialist doctor and co-founder of Exxentric. He has worked as an ice hockey coach for 15 years besides working in gyms and practicing multiple sports himself including ice hockey, track and field and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Today he is a competitive powerlifter.

Course outline

The course is divided into theoretical and practical sections followed by a quiz and a exercise library

  • 2


    • Table of contents

    • About Exxentric

    • Problems in resistance training

    • How it started

  • 3

    Intro to flywheel training

    • Table of contents

    • What is Flywheel Training?

    • Unique characteristics

    • Unique characteristics part 2

  • 4

    Getting Started

    • Table of contents

    • Getting started and safety

  • 5

    1st time with flywheel training

    • Using the kBox

  • 6

    Flywheel training in practice

    • Training tips on the kBox

    • Training setup and intro on the kPulley

    • How to give an intro

  • 7


    • Q & A

    • Outro and thank you for watching

  • 8

    Test your skills

    • Quiz to test your skills

  • 9


    • Exxentric Flywheel Training Guide

  • 10

    Training tools

    • Foot block

    • Angle adjuster

    • Limiting range of motion

    • Squat variations

    • Ankle cuffs

  • 11

    Exercise library

    • kBox Front Squat

    • kBox Biceps Curl

    • kBox Deadlift to High Pull

    • kBox Squat

    • kBox Squat 2

    • kBox Hip Extension

    • kBox Hip Flexion

    • kBox Lateral Squat

    • kBox Lateral Zercher Squat

    • kBox Push Press

    • kBox RDL (Romanian Deadlift)

    • kBox Seated Row

    • kBox Seated Single Arm Triceps Extension

    • kBox Shrug

    • kBox Single Arm High Pull

    • kBox Single Arm Lateral Side Raise

    • kBox Single Arm Press

    • kBox Single Arm Row

    • kBox Single Arm Upright Row

    • kBox Single Leg RDL

    • kBox Split Squat

    • kBox Calf Raise

    • kBox Standing Core Twist

    • kBox Leg Curl

    • kBox Straight Arm Lift

    • kBox Zercher Squat

    • kPulley Crunches

    • kPulley External Rotation (Single turn buckle)

    • kPulley Rotational Sling Rotation

    • kPulley Seated Single Arm Lateral Pull Down

    • kPulley Single Arm Chest Press

    • kPulley Single Arm Kneeling Row

    • kPulley Single Arm Lateral Side Raise

    • kPulley Standing Core Twist

    • kPulley Leg Curl

    • kPulley Wood Chop

    • kPulley Triceps Overhead Press

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