Course Description

The Flywheel Trainer Course Level II is a build-up on the Flywheel User Course Level I. Here, the fundamentals of the concept of flywheel training and its application to users will be covered as well as how to  practically use flywheel training in a professional setting.

To be able to achieve full certification of Level II, you will have to complete the Flywheel User Course Level I.

We recommend a background of basic strength and conditioning education and acquired the Flywheel User Course Level I certification before taking the Flywheel Trainer Course Level II.

The course outline is 2h theory and 2h practical.

MD, BSc Sports, Exxentric CEO

Fredrik Correa

Fredrik Correa holds a BSc in Sports, is a specialist doctor and co-founder of Exxentric. He has worked as an ice hockey coach for 15 years besides working in gyms and practicing multiple sports himself including ice hockey, track and field and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Today he is a competitive powerlifter.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Flywheel Trainer Course Level II

    • Welcome to Exxentric Flywheel Trainer Course Level II

    • Quick recap of what was covered in the Flywheel User Course Level I

    • What will be covered

  • 2

    Strength Training

    • Introduction and principles

  • 3

    Eccentric Training, Overload and DOMS

    • What will be covered

    • Introduction to eccentric training

    • Eccentric Overload: The reasoning behind it

    • DOMS and the repeated bout effect

  • 4

    Eccentric Overload: Methods of Application

    • Methods, workout zones and isometrics

  • 5

    Eccentric Overload in Practice

    • Eccentric overload: time constraint

    • Showing the Time Constraint ECC Overload

    • Eccentric overload: energy manipulation

    • Showing the Energy Manipulation ECC Overload

    • Isometric applications

    • Demonstrating isometric applications

  • 6

    Implementation of Flywheel Training

    • Flywheel Training for Different Purposes

  • 7

    Summary of Flywheel Trainer Course Level II

    • Outro

    • Q & A

  • 8

    Quiz: Test Your Skills

    • Quiz to test your skills

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